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Aquatic Wildlife Management  Committee

  • Aquatic Wildlife Management Committee

Shall consist of five (5) members who shall be stewards of the lake by researching our aquatic and surrounding wildlife and shall share their findings with fellow Association Members. The duties of the committee will also include research of beneficial vegetation and plantings. This information will be gathered to assist in the ecological balance of our lake and its surrounding property.


The current members of the Aquatic Wildlife Committee includes:


Keha Esposito (Chairman)                        Shore

Kerri Wilson                                               West Shore

Mary Shea                                                  West Shore

Mary-Beth Russo                                       West Shore

Betty Barsevich                                          Shore

The Aquatic Wildlife Management Committee is Scheduled to meet on the third month of every quarter. The meeting is scheduled to take place on the first Monday of the month. These meetings are subject to change at any time.


03/20/2024   6:15 pm Location: 23 Ledge Road Hidden Lake

04/23/2024   6:30 pm Location: 75 Shore Drive Hidden Lake

05/14/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden lake

06/13/2024   6:00 pm Location: Hidden lake

07/01/2024   6:30 pm Location: Cancelled (check back for new date)

08/05/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden lake

09/02/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden lake

10/07/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden lake

Any changes to the above meeting schedule will be announce here 24 hours prior to the meeting

Meeting Minutes 2023-24

Meeting Minutes 2022-23

Archived documents can be obtained by request 
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