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Lake News

This page will contain the latest news and information. The documents below allows for all members to be informed as to the health and current conditions of the lake. 

Reducing Toxic Products was the subject at the last Lake Committee Meeting. Below is the Report prepared by the committee and wanted to share their findings with all the Association members in an effort to reduce the many toxic products that can be detrimental to our lake. 


Notice to all Association Members. It is with deep regret that I except the resignation of James and Victoria Nicholson from the Lake Committee. Both James and Victoria have been a huge asset to the care of Hidden Lake. They will be sorely missed.

With that said, there are two vacancies for volunteers to continue the work the Lake Committee is doing. Although there are existing considerations for these position I would like to know if anyone else would be interested for consideration to join the Lake Committee. Please email: if you are interested.    

Boat Permits Stickers were introduced to Hidden Lake boat owners in 2017. These stickers were to provide identification for all boats belonging to the members. This has proven very beneficial to members whos boat may have broken lose and gone adrift. It allowed the immediate contact of the registered owner of the boat to be notified of the location in which they can retrieve their property. The registration of all members boats have also allow for identifying any trespassers who may be boating illegally. The importance of this is to assure that no boater is carrying any invasive weeds from another body of water into Hidden Lake. We urge all Association Members to have a sticker displayed. For more information regarding obtaining stickers for your boat(s) please contact Board Member Cindy Porriello @   

Bathymetric Mapping was conducted in 2022 for the purpose of creating a topographical map of the lake floor. This type of mapping is used to determine the materials that make up the lake bottom. It also helps in determining if and where there maybe a loss of depth due to the accumulation of muck. Please click the link to read the findings of the latest mapping. 

Following the Bathymetric Mapping is a "Hidden Lake Management Overview". This was prepared for us by  Aquatic Ecosystem Research (AER) the same company that performed the Bathymetric Mapping  

Water Testing for Phosphorus and E Coli is conducted in June of each year and then again for E Coli in August. These tests are for the safety of the members and their guests who enjoy swimming in our lake. There are many areas of the lake that are tested during each period. This is to indicate and possibly locate the source of the problem such as a possibility of a septic system issues in that area or if it is simply a large concentration of geese fesses. The Hidden Lake has been very fortunate over the years not have high levels of either of these bacteria's. Feel free to click the box below to see the testing results for yourself.     

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