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By-Law Committee

  • By-Law & Amendments Committee - section 16D

Shall consist of five (5) members who shall recommend and review all any amendments proposed to the by-laws before any amendment is enacted to ascertain: the propriety of such, the legality of such, and its appropriate location in the section of the by-laws together with the phraseology and its intent, and report thereon thirty (30) days after it receives such amendment. Should the committee fail to report after this period of time the members at the next general membership meeting BOG, at their next meeting may extend the time or vote the discharge of such question from committee.


The current members of the By-Law Committee include:

Brian Polak (Chairman)                           West Shore Shore
Alan Howell                                                      Dam area 
Cindy Porriello                                                Shore
Heather Edelson                                            East Shore
Jean Cassella                                                  Shore
Jay Cassella (HLA President) 

The By-Law Committee is Scheduled to meet on the following Dates. These meetings are subject to change at any time:

02/27/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake & ZOOM

03/11/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake & ZOOM

03/19/2024   6:30 pm Location: ZOOM only

04/02/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

04/16/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

05/07/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

Please contact for ZOOM invite

06/23/2024   6:30 pm Location: 9 E. Shore Dr

07/08/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

08/12/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

09/09/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

10/14/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

11/11/2024   6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

Any changes to the above meeting schedule will be announced here. Please check periodically.

Meeting Minutes 2021-22
Meeting Minutes 2020-21
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