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Lake & Dam Committee

  • Lake & Dam Committee – section 16-A

shall consist of five members whose duties shall be to maintain the beach areas and the lake in general.

The current members of the Lake Committee include:

David Chalifoux (Chairman)                   Shore
Carloyn Chalifoux                                           Shore
Mary-Beth Russo
Sheri Berger                                                        East Shore
Charlene Baulski                                             East Shore
Jay Cassella (HLA President)                   Shore

The Lake & Dam Committee is Scheduled to meet on the second Monday of each month. These meetings are subject to change at any time.

06/19/2023 6:30 pm Location: Cancelled

07/24/2023 6:30 pm Location: 137 W. Shore Dr 

08/21/2023 6:30 pm Location: 137 W. Shore Dr

09/18/2023 6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake: 32 Meadow Road (David Chalifoux)

10/23/2023 6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake Canceled

11/20/2023 6:30 pm Location: Hidden Lake

Confirmation of these meetings will be announced here 24 hours prior to the meeting

Surveys & Studies

Meeting Minutes 2021-2022

Water Testing Results

Meeting Minutes 2023-2024

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